We publish your content ON AUTOPILOT!

Save time for you and win new customers for your business!

Group Posting

We can do around 30 different posts a day in different groups with a Facebook account.

Effective promotion

You can present your services on autopilot in hundreds of Facebook groups, to tens of thousands of people!

Save valuable time

...and take better care of running your own business!

HOW WE will automate your content in FACEBOOK groups?

Find out our Facebook STRATEGY and PRICING below

First, we need a Facebook profile account to post in groups.

We may use your personal account or a “different” account of yours (used for advertising purposes only).

We recommend using an account that has a real person behind it… generates more trust!

1. Where we post content - groups selection

Once we log in to your account, we’ll extract all the groups you are a member of in a CSV file, and we’ll send it to you to delete the groups you don’t want us to post to.

You send us the modified file back and in the future … all the groups you will join during the collaboration with us …will be automatically added to the list of groups where we will automate the posts.

The choice is yours, which groups you want to join … groups that you intuit that have members who can be potential customers for your services or products.

We post an average of 30 different posts a day in different groups with a Facebook account, and we bump* each post twice a day (we add a short comment to the post to “refresh” it, and we send it back to the top of the group posts).

We suggest that you join as many relevant groups as possible for your business, so we don’t saturate them posting same content in few groups.


We have 2 options … 1. to repost (share) the content already posted on our client Facebook page or 2. to recreate the post, ie to post it again, in each group.

We can extract the posts from your Facebook page if you already have relevant content published or you can send us the link to each post that you want to be posted in groups constantly.

Our clients send us the links to the posts or the content to be posted on WhatsApp or email.

You can send us content whenever you post something new and you want it to be added to the rest of the posts we already publish in groups for you on a daily basis.

Posts can be as diverse as … plain text, text + photo or video, text + link, photo + link + text etc …


Price 100$/month/account


– an average of 30 different posts per day (in different groups)

– 2x BUMP’s per day for each post (to send it back to the top posts in the group)

– dedicated WhatsApp Support for every client!

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